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1st July

We got an update on Carolina, our adoptive Hero rat. in May 2020 Carolina successfully sniffed her way through 1,464 samples at an accuracy rate of 85.79%. Her sensitive nose identified an additional 36 cases of tuberculosis (TB) that were originally missed by local clinics. Those 36 people, following confirmation by World Health Organisation approved tests, have gone on to start treatment for tuberculosis.



We are super excited to adopt a hero rat who saves lives in Tanzania by detecting tuberculosis in sputum samples. She can screen 100 samples in 20 mins! Meet Carolina our adopted hero rat in Tanzania. Carolina is a highly trained Tuberculosis Detection Rat or HeroRAT for short. HeroRATs like Carolina use their remarkable sense of smell to safely sniff out tuberculosis faster and more accurately than existing methods. https://www.apopo.org/en/adopt