Pest Prevention

Pest Prevention

Pest Prevention

Although many people believe pests are attracted only to filthy and foul conditions, even the cleanest of home and business can have them.

Good hygiene is the first effective step to protect health and property.

Do not make you premises attractive to pests by giving them easy access to food.

  • Keep boxes and bags of food sealed and protected.
  • Store open food in plastic bags or containers e.g. cereal, sugar flour etc.
  • Do not leave pet food out.
  • Sweep up any food or liquid spills immediately.
  • Ensure rubbish bin lids are tightly sealed.


We are able to conduct a drain survey with a drain camera and advise on and fix sources of rat infestations such as redundant and broken drains. Rather than cause you regular costly call outs we want to fix the long term issue.

Flies and Flying Insects

Food producers and outlets must adequately protect their premises from flies under The Food and Safety Act 1990 and associated regulations 1995 & 2004.

SK Ward Pest Control Services are able to supply fly screens with the advised 1.5 mm mesh to fit both windows and doors.

We can also supply a range of electronic fly machines which we consider to be amongst best fly killers on the market.

Replacement tubes and glue boards are held in stock, just call us with your requirements.

Bed Bugs

Bed-bugs are becoming more and more active. Over the last 5 years we have seen a significant rise in the number of recorded bed bug incidents in all parts of the country.

The potential harm and consequences for businesses are;

  • Customers can be bitten and possibly suffer allergic reaction.
  • Bed bugs breed at a phenomenal rate and can reach an epidemic level if not professionally treated.
  • Customer complaints
  • Damage to brand and reputation
  • Loss of profit

We can supply Protect-a-Bed bedding encasement systems which is scientifically proven to be bed bug entry, exit and bite proof as well as being dust mite proof.

Wasp traps

We can supply fly and wasp traps and attractant for use in food storage and processing areas in and around BBQ areas and beer gardens etc.