Domestic Services

Domestic Services

Domestic Services

SK Ward Pest Control Services are able to offer a professional solution to deal with any pest control problem that you may have.

A quick call to us will put your mind at rest as we can advise you of the best method of pest eradication and the costs involved in eliminating your pest problem.

Having a rodent problem can cause your family to be exposed to various hazards. They can carry transferable diseases as well as causing damage to the fabric and wiring of your property.

Whether you suspect you have a rat infestation, squirrels in the loft, maybe found mouse droppings, have moles digging up your lawn or rabbits eating your crops, we are able to provide a speedy and efficient pest control service to eliminate these vermin. Foremost, we will look at getting to the cause of the problem rather than just treating the symptoms.

Insects, whether they are crawling insects or flying insects, can be very distressing, most of our pest enquiries in the summer are concerning ants or wasps.

There any many species of ants the most common being the garden (black) ants, red ants and Pharaoh ants. The red ant is the most unpleasant as they bite both animals and humans and their sting is extremely painful.

Wasp stings or hornet stings are very painful and in some cases cause serious health issues. We recommend that a professional pest control company be contacted to exterminate the wasps/hornets nest as soon as possible.

Honey bees can be a problem in certain situations, we can usually collect and re-locate swarms without resorting to the use of pesticides.

Animal fleas are another distressing problem for pet owners during the summer months. These are becoming increasing difficult to control with using only proprietary brand insecticides.

Bedbugs are becoming a significant problem in the home, they are easily spread and difficult to treat, resulting in a rapid growth in the number of bedbug outbreaks.

Above are some of the most common pest control problems we deal with on a daily basis, along with cluster flies, fruit flies, harlequin ladybirds, moths, beetles, mite, carpet beetle, silverfish etc. However, if you have a problem with insects/ bugs or rodents/vermin not mentioned here, please contact us here at SK Ward Pest Control Services so that we can discuss the best course of action.