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Mole Information

Moles are small mammals that have black fur and large shovel shaped front limbs that are used for digging, very small eyes and no external ear flaps. The breeding season is between February and June usually with one litter of between 2-7 young. These are born in underground nests.

The mole is widespread throughout Britain. Adult moles are solitary and live almost entirely underground in tunnels which can extend over a large area. They will have two depths of tunnels. The deepest will be between 2-8 inches or more below the surface. The soil excavated from these tunnels is pushed out of the system and forms ‘mole hills’. The other type of tunnel is a ‘surface tunnel’ that is just below the ground and can be recognised by soil or grass pushed up as a ridge along the length of the run. These shallow tunnels are not as permanent as the deep tunnels.

Moles eat earthworms and this is what attracts them to your lawn.

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