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Product Updates


Wasps are a real pain at this time of year. They are just starting to feed on sweet things. Now is the time to set up your trap. Contact us if you wish to purchase a WaspBane trap, the only wasp trap proven to reduce rather than increase the number of wasps persisting in the area to be protected. For £35 + VAT I will come and set up a wasp trap.
This trap is a chemical free wasp trap designed to trap large numbers of wasps safely, so it is ideal for protecting fruit trees such a plums and apples. The wasp trap kills 100% of the wasps that it catches. If you do not kill 100% of the wasps you catch, the escaped wasps will return with reinforcements! Unlike other traps (especially home made traps) this trap does not make your wasp problem worse! Once set up it will last all season.